The MGB SuperCharger Projekt
This site is brougt to you by Kjeld Noppenau
The page will be updated as the project is developing

General wiev of the motor bay The space seems to be very limited Right side of motor bay Left side, this is where it is going to be mounted The rear

Waiting in the livingroom for its turn Motor bay is cleared and ready Generator and waterpump installed Aliged and ready,just waiting for the low comp. cylinderhead The supercharger has moved into the garage

1944ccm Engine. Ready to recieve the new low comp. head The old faithfull cylinderhead. Comp.ratio 1 : 10.3 The new head, ready to be assembled. Comp.ratio 1 : 8.2 Close up Complete assembled with new valves

Front wiev, cooling hoses still missing The complete unit installed Seen from the right The new SU complete connected A closer wiev at the SU

After the first test Distributor curves, the second spring set proved best Overwiev from front It is done, ready for the 2005 season Supercharged or as we say in this country "Med Kompressor"

Everything was apparently not as it should be This left me approx. 100km from home, but the "B" cravled back In order to solve a overheating problem, an "american style" fan was fittet A HeatSchild of stainless steel should also help to cool the system down

as you can see this site is currently under construction